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You won't click here .

2010-05-16 00:21:29 by him321123

If you clicked here, leave a comment below, I will give you one million internets. Thank you.

Also, you won't click this link /332370. Because if you actually listened to it, that moment will be equivalent to dividing by zero.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you won't remember this post tomorrow!

Yeah. . . I can read minds.

You won't click here .

Guess what guys, I'm using my account again! You know what that means, do you? That means music, and lots of it, here we come. woot.

Finally using account after 3 years! :D

A N00b's T@l3.

2008-10-15 21:56:44 by him321123

I feel sad. I'm a noob to newgrounds. weep.